LeapReader Makes Learning Process Exciting For Kids:

Leap Frog has a great tool for teaching children to read and they call it LeapReader. The reader is lead through a pen. It will read aloud words and sentences. You can even have your child write them out on special it’s paper and it will sound the words out. The pen itself can hold 175 songs and 40 books including a headphone jack.

I haven’t heard any complaints about this tool for kids and I highly recommend it. for more information visit: http://www.leapfrog.com/en/landingpages/leapreader.html

Beautiful Sleeping Baby Boy
© Michelle R.
It was very late about 2 in the morning
You woke up crying for mommy
I rocked you back to bed
You fell asleep on my chest
As I listened to you breathe
And the sound of your heart beat
I thought about
The day we met and how I just couldn’t believe
What a perfect little angel God was letting me keep
The moment I heard your first little cry
My heart and body let out a sigh
I was so relieved you were here and healthy
Everyone there rejoiced in your presence
Because a little angel was just sent to earth from heaven
As days passed on and mommy grew tired
Something more beautiful happened
You continued to light my heart on fire
My love and heart belonged to you
And each and every day our bond had grew
Now every time I see your adorable smile
The thought of leaving your side hurts even for a short while
My dearest baby boy
The light of my soul
I know one day you’ll move on as we grow old
But these days when you fit so small in my arms
I will cherish for eternity and beyond
Just remember when you are all big and grown
That mommy will never forget
The sleepless nights when I held you close and watched you sleep
Because these are the most perfect moments I will forever keep

Source: Beautiful Sleeping Baby Boy, Baby Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/beautiful-sleeping-baby-boy#ixzz2X6XAh7Q0

There is one thing that I will always remember growing up and that is the fact that life was always so fun as a child. Posing in front of cameras, playing dress up and not having a care in the world besides coloring in the lines or trying to convince mom to pull into McDonalds as we drove by. I wanted to make this post to draw attention to how vital it actually is for your child to embrace their youth. With great mentoring and parenting a child can really be dreamers and follow their hearts. Let boys be boys and get scrapes sometimes - it’s good for them. Let girls watch you put on your makeup with admiration - they adore you. Keep your children in extracurriculars that they are interested in. Keeping kids busy doing age-appropriate activities will make you a role model because you were their cheerleader, you were the parent with firm consult and guidance. If there’s anything I took away from being a kid it’s that your kid is only a kid once. Forcing kids to grow up to early isn’t necessary.

Let kids be kids. Let adults be adults.

Recall Alert: Stride Right 

Stride Right recently had a recall with their Joanna’s girl sandal. The flower on it detaches and may cause choking hazards. They’re issuing refunds but you must contact Stride Right to claim. 

For More information contact Stride Rite at (800) 365-4933, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday

mommy makeup-musts

When it comes to cleaning I think even as adults it can sometimes be distracting. But how do we keep our kids focused and eliminate distraction. EmpoweringParents.com gets real and tells us the 4 tips you’ll need when getting your kids to tidy up.

1. try quadrants. so you’re walking into a war zone when you see the room. to make it less intimidating try having them work on the room by each corner.

2. help for a few minutes to get them comfortable with how easy it is to clean and organize.

3. if your child is old enough let them do it. don’t feel guilty- its part of life!

4. hold them accountable! tell them restriction of some sort will be in order if they cannot complete the task of cleaning their room. I remember my mother pulling that one on me and actually following through with it. I wasn’t a happy kid. But you can bet I never neglected my room again!

name that family.

sun bathing with the babies

Aerial view of Diamond Head Crater, Oahu, Hawaii

Just beautiful. Are you going anywhere special for summer? If so will it be the whole family or just a couples getaway?

believe it or not there ARE suggested pets for your children if their owning a pet for the first time. Bunnies are lovable and have also been known to enjoy contact with a human than other bunnies. Bunnies live up to 10 years and bunnies that are spayed and neutered can live far longer. For more info on how bunnies will be great pets for your family of various age groups, check out Discovery Pets 101